Air Water Fire & Earth

“They both listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of Being, the voice of perpetual Becoming.”  ~ Hermann Hesse  

These days I seek what comforts me; today, I didn’t have to ~ the rain came to me. Waking to the splashing sound of tires parting water, the smell of thirsty sidewalks. I felt my body relax, a respite from the heat and outgoing, life of the party nature of summer. Not my season. Thank you rain for soothing me today. I roasted a chicken with onions, potatoes, and carrots, the oven at 425 degrees. I sipped hot green tea. I opened the front door and windows and practically skipped to the mailbox. I glared defiantly through the open deck door at the merest hint of sun. Don’t you dare.

​The rain washed away all that was throwing me off center. I lit candles and sat quietly with my cup of tea, smelling the good smells from the kitchen, feeling the cool breeze through the windows. With my feet planted firmly on the floor delighting in the day, I felt the blessedness of water, fire, air, and earth ~ their ways of offering a free pass to connect to the peace of simple pleasures and sacred presence.

I’ve long recognized the elements as portals in deepening my connection to that “something bigger” we all long to belong to. Air, water, fire and earth and their symbolic meanings are cornerstones as I coach my clients to bring their mind into their heart. Reconnecting to the elements and their constant presence can be like finding new walking companions as we step out of our comfort zones and all that is familiar to find a little truth.

Isn’t truth what we are looking for, now more than ever? In this time of fake news, gaslighting and ghosting? How do we know the truth of who we are, where we belong, who we are supposed to be? What’s holding us back? Are we ready to love all of who we are; even the parts we’ve kept hidden from ourselves? Where do we find our answers and the guidance to inform our decisions? Can we live a holy life in our seemingly ordinary days?

These are the questions I ask. And are often the focus of conversations I have with my clients.

There are many ways to invite a deeper connection with the elements and their reminders on how to live our lives. Air that clears mind and heart, that whispers wisdom. Water that reminds us to go with the flow of our ever-changing lives. Fire that ignites passion, life force and holy flame. Earth that roots us ~ steadies us.

Here are a few suggestions you may wish to consider as ways to intentionally bring your awareness ‘round to say hello ~

For Air

  • Take a few deep breaths when you wake up in the morning, before getting out of bed. Feel each breath ~ the inhale and exhale ~ and give thanks for the air we breathe and for another day. 
  • Stand outside, close your eyes and feel the air on your skin. Is it soft? Or brisk? Or?
  • Imagine the wind blowing through you clearing out the cobwebs in your head and heart.

For Water

  • When you’re in the shower notice the water form drops on your skin. Feel the soothing warmth of the water. Imagine your worries being carried away by the water running off your body and down the drain.
  • Before you drink a glass of water hold your glass in both hands and take a moment to be grateful for the gift of water to quench your thirst and for your body’s health.

For Fire

  • Light a candle on your desk or altar. As you light the candle set your intentions for your day, ask for guidance and blessings.
  • Build a campfire or sit in front of a hearth fire and stare into the flame. Hold your gaze and let the element of fire infuse your spirit.

For Earth

  • Go outside. Take your shoes off. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Imagine roots shooting down from your feet into the earth grounding you in strength and courage.
  • Bring some of the earth into your home or pocket. Carry a special stone in your pocket and take it out and hold it for a few minutes when you need to feel calmer, more grounded. Bring fallen cones or branches home to adorn your table.
  • Take a walk. Yes, it is that simple. Walk in the rain. Walk in the sun. Walk in the wind. Walk in the shelter of trees. Walk.

These are a few simple ways to bring the beauty and power of the elements into your life. There are many ways the elements can support us in feeling connected to the natural world as part of our daily rhythm. You don’t need money, special clothing or gadgets. Only your attention and imagination.

There is more. So much more. This is a place to begin. The elements and their symbolism are an easily accessible brass ring to claim as one way of saying “yes” to exploring your connection to God, Source, Creator, Universe, whatever name you choose.

It’s Love. It’s all Love.

Find your faith. Live your days ~ even the ones that throw a curveball ~ from a place of quiet connection to what’s true and beautiful. Breathe into each day with gratitude and acceptance. Allow emotions to move through you instead of unpacking for a long-term visit. Allow your heart’s voice to be heard. Trust it. Trust yourself. Our heart, the home of tranquility and conviction, is the sanctuary we do well to spend time in. The quiet, still place of peace, wisdom, our divine nature ~ our joy. The elements lead me there.

This is the comfort I seek.

Photo by Nikita Velikanin

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