Living with Intention, Grace & Humor

Episode 7: Living with Intention, Grace & Humor

What does it mean to live intentionally? What if by taking full responsibility for your choices and aligning your actions with your true values, you could shift from being a victim to a creator of your own life? A life fully aligned with your true values and priorities?  In this episode of Getting Quiet with Barb, we explore what it means to live life with intention ~ embracing a higher perspective to see the bigger picture and discovering the freedom that comes with it. I offer suggestions to support you in assessing where you are now and setting a course

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Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Episode 6: Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Ready to cut through the TMI  of daily life and tap into your own wisdom?  This episode promises to guide you through the art of self-discovery, using the power of presence to reveal your inner truths. We’ll look at how to view everything as energy, set healthy boundaries, and even equip you with a unique technique for those major life decisions.  Let’s journey together towards a stronger, more connected self, building an inner foundation that empowers us to listen to our own voices amid the world’s external noise.

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When Fear Falls Away

Episode 5: When Fear Falls Away

The journey toward coming home to yourself begins with getting quiet and grows when fear falls away. By observing our feelings with compassion, we learn to break free from the self-imposed prisons, creating a life in alignment with our souls.  In this episode, I offer an effective technique for uncovering the truths that will set you free. 

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Taking Care of Business

Episode 4: Taking Care of Business

Deadlines can be great motivators. I know ~ for me ~ there is nothing like a hard deadline to force me into a state of focused intention to get something done. Or a mad panic if I’m caught off guard.  What if the deadline was the end of the line? What if you were given one year to live? What if you knew you had a finite amount of days left to take care of business? In this episode of ‘Getting Quiet with Barb’ I explore what can happen when you live as though the deadline is fast approaching. Living

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Hanging By A Friend

Episode 2: Hanging by a Friend

To lose a treasure often forces us to enter into stillness as we attempt to adjust from what was to what now is. Never more so when the loss is a treasured friend. Sometimes the loss is so unexpected and so devastating, that silence is the only place our hearts can feel all the feelings. To stop our minds from wrestling with trying to make sense of what knocks us senseless. This week I take a gentle detour from my original podcast schedule to honor one of my soul’s dearest treasures lost.

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