Too Much Stuff!

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”   ~Albert Einstein

What is clutter?

From Websters Dictionary…“to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness.”

My eyes glazed over by the end of the sentence.  I would consider this definition a perfect example of clutter.  Please! Don’t buy another vowel…

I have come to define clutter as anything you do not use or do not love.  Clutter is also too much stuff in too small a space; too many utensils in the crock by the stove, too many socks in a dresser drawer or the ever-expanding knickknacks collection that is causing the shelf to bow.

It’s interesting, too, how our stuff seems to migrate.  I once found a set of drill bits in the piano bench while looking for the Christmas music that eventually turned up in a box of recipes.  So, clutter is also living in a disorganized space.  From piles of laundry left unfolded to stacks of mail sitting on the counter to coats and shoes scattered in the hallway.

There is a direct connection between our physical surroundings and our inner world.  Our thoughts, emotions and experiences are mirrored in the spaces in which we dwell; our homes, offices…even our vehicles.  Each is a direct expression of the other.

When we de-clutter our physical surroundings, we feel lighter, freed from the responsibility of caring for things we do not truly need or want…we’re less stressed because there is an ease in locating the item we’re needing…we take pleasure in enjoying those things that are beautiful or pleasing to us.  We can finally “see” them!  The energy has lifted along with our hearts and our way of being in the world changes as a result.  We feel more at peace, carry a greater sense of clarity and open ourselves to living a simpler, happier, healthier life.

​Are you ready to simplify your life? Find relief from feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where or how to start?  I’m offering my De-Cluttering Your Life workshop on Saturday, January 14th. I’ll be sharing my tried and true tips for getting rid of the stuff you no longer need in your life. Visit my Events page for the details and to sign up

Come have a bit of fun with others who are ready to lighten the load!

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