A Pilgrimage Into Presence

A Six Month Experience of Deepening Your Connection to Self and the Divine

We are surrounded by noise

In this age of information, I hesitate to add more to the noise. We’re under an avalanche of thinking we need to learn more, be more. If I just take the new program or subscribe to this new diet plan or the latest spiritual growth workshop, I will be a better person, a better me, I will find my tribe and my life will be richer, and fuller. I will be happy.

But here I am. Inviting you to collaborate with me on an inner journey. A conversation. A pilgrimage. Where the experience of being collaborators in community forms the curriculum. There is spaciousness as we take each step in a climate of ease and emergence. 

Learning together, breathing trust and generosity into our hearts ~ creating genuine connection. Grounded in Love. I believe Love will change the world. Moving away from institutional religions and business-as-usual financial systems, how we experience health and healing. All will begin again. But first will crumble. I believe that is what we’re witnessing now.

Our job? To take that first step on the path of taking a deep dive within. Into our beingness. To reconnect and take back creative control of our lives.

The Calling

I’ve learned that what often is chasing us in life, can be calling us toward what needs our attention in a new way. Begging for a shift in perspective. Reckoning with a deeper question.

Pilgrimage can offer us the time we need to ask the questions that lead to a new awareness.

When our trust in our traditional sources of support and wisdom is failing us, leaving us confused and not knowing who or what to trust.

How about trusting ourselves?

I can guide you in knowing the difference between the messages from your mind and those of your intuition. How you can discern between the two? In the process, you begin to strengthen your inner trust muscle. You trust your own information.

The soft whisper of something bigger is calling us to look within.

We’re feeling overwhelmed and feeling our resilience waning. We’re feeling the call to create more ease and simplicity in our lives. Time to quietly reflect on what needs to be pruned, what needs to be planted to shape a life created from the foundation of what matters most. So that we bring our beingness to our doingness. An intersection between heaven and earth. Grounding our faith into the rhythm of every day.

Simple but not easy.

“In seeking after what the soul desires we become pilgrims with no home but the path the soul would have us follow.” ~ Michael Meade

What to Pack

We pack lightly. But three things are essential.


An energy of curiosity is required. Adopting the lens of the Sacred Observer. Compassionately examining your life. Instead of judging yourself harshly, you adopt an approach of curiosity about yourself ~ an “isn’t that interesting” lens to your beliefs, habits and choices. Openness is essential.


This journey requires deep courage. It takes courage to tell the truth. Not the truth as we’d like it to be, but instead taking a good long look at the facts. At all our bumps and bruises. What’s amazing is that our Souls love the truth. The freedom felt is a deep dive into joy.


Commitment is another essential piece to carry. Commitment to take each step trusting in the emerging to lead you exactly where you need to be. You are not alone. Ever. Trust and Faith will find their way to you as you surrender into the letting go of all that needs releasing. Discovering you’re not in charge is both terrifying and an enormous relief!

The Invitation is Waiting for You

A six-month experience to help you create a life that honors what matters most ~ TO YOU

This deep crisis of dis-connection from who we are needs to be healed. The pilgrimage experience offers an invitation to examine with compassion and curiosity where we are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I think of them as four rooms to explore. Having the courage, to be honest in our assessment. Gently accepting all of who we are. 

Loving ourselves Home. 

I feel the greatest act of resistance is to stand in our genuineness. Bringing all of ourselves to the world.

Uncharged, Unshakable, Vulnerable, Free.

“There is a secret place. A radiant sanctuary. This magnificent refuge is inside you. Be brave and walk through the country of your own wild heart. Be gentle and know that you know nothing. Be still. Listen. Keep walking. No one else controls access to this perfect place. Give yourself your own unconditional permission to go there. Waste no time. Enter the center of your soul”
~ St. Teresa of Ávila

Six Women

Bringing six women together who are committed to bringing courage, commitment, and creativity to the inner pilgrimage experience.

Six women ready to dig down deep to open themselves to Truth that is rarely pure and never simple. The source of belonging ~ to ourselves, the world, and God. To know our Divinity and lead and live from this Knowingness.

Six Months

The Investment

Whole Hearted Commitment to the Pilgrimage Experience

Starts September 30, 2023

Bonus 1

A additional private session, to be scheduled post pilgrimage to offer extra support for staying on the path.

Bonus 2

A gift box shipped to you filled with touchstones to support your pilgrimage experience.

Bonus 3

An exclusive "Early Bird" registration offering for my next New Way Forward Retreat, held in Seabrook WA in January 2024.

The Invitation is Waiting for You

A six-month experience to help you create a life that honors what matters most ~ TO YOU

Individual Sessions

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