Into the Quickening

I believe in intuition and inspiration…at times I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason“.~ Albert Einstein

There are inner nudges you can’t ignore. The ones that are nestled deep in your soul and eventually move beyond a whisper. They tug at your heart and no matter how you may try to push them to the side, they won’t have it.

This inner knowingness has directed me in ways that haven’t always been easy. In fact, most often I’ve been guided in directions I’d done my best to avoid. The unknown lies in wait, where too much courage is needed, and too much judgement handed down. Yet, without exception, when I allow myself to breathe through, and tolerate my feelings of fear, anxiety and downright terror, I move into a new part of myself. Life expands and my faith deepens when I say “yes” to following those inner nudges without fully knowing the “why” of it.

Two years ago, staring out our front window, I asked aloud…”What are we doing?” “Is this how we want to spend our days?” Those two questions unleashed all we needed to jolt us into knowing we needed to make a change. Our hearts quickening, we began a process of questioning, examining and exploring possibilities to shift us forward in a new direction.

Out of that questioning, my husband, Craig, and I created Eire Retour, which plays to our individual and combined strengths and joys. Eire Retour is a unique travel experience offering a time for renewal, reconnection and exploration. We’ve blended the elements we cherish in this beautiful life…lovely food, lively conversation, laughter and music in the mystical, breathtaking landscape of Ireland.

Each of us was ready to take another leap of faith that led us to where we are today ~ without a physical place to call home. After ten years living in Portland, Oregon, we’ve packed our belongings into a 5 x 10 storage unit and are spending time with our precious granddaughter and family before crossing the pond to Ireland.

We’re excited to host our second Retour and then plan on staying in Ireland on a personal retreat. Intuition and inspiration are traveling with me. I feel called to write and I’m excited about expanding my work with clients in a new direction that will shape itself over the next few months.

While in Ireland, I am setting aside Thursdays, beginning October 12, to continue working with you. I’ve added a Scheduling page to my website that will easily allow you to book a session on the calendar. The platform we will use for a session will depend on what’s easiest for each of us. Skype, FaceTime and What’sApp? are all possible options. I will be in touch with those who schedule with the details.

Here’s to holding each other in our hearts quickening.
~ Barb

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