Discover the wisdom Within

You are a gift to the world and to those around you. But often that gift is hidden by the “shoulds” we hear and by the roadblocks we’ve faced in life. I work with people of all ages and backgrounds, with a focus on those needing support navigating through times of change in their lives. 

I help you transition to a place of ease and confidence where you’re able to effortlessly honor your innate wisdom. With practical tools and loving support, I’ll help you get clear on what is meaningful to you, and let go of what is not. With a soft, non-judgmental “nudge” from me, you’ll be making decisions and moving forward in the direction you truly want. In short, I’ll help you believe in you. 

"I have worked with Barbara for over 5 years, and I can whole-heartedly say that in every session we have delved into something new, uncovering an old pattern I may be holding on to, or unveiling a new way of thinking about a certain situation or person. I always walk away feeling lighter, more hopeful, and excited for my present and future life. Barbara is a force of light and a ball of love energy."


Imagine waking up each morning with a feeling of purpose and calm. Through our one-on-one sessions, you’ll reclaim your wisdom, humor, and most importantly – your truth. We’ll journey together to help you live with joy in the pursuit of your dreams.

Individual Session (90 minutes): $299.00

What to Expect

Pre Session

You book a 90-minute session through my website scheduler for a day and time that works for you. On the morning of our scheduled session I will send you a Zoom link. If you prefer, we can meet over the phone. The day of your session, offline, I’ll do some energetic prep work ~ a reading. I work intuitively to clear discordant energy blocks that, when cleared, will allow you to experience more ease in your life where you’ve been feeling “stuck” or confused.

The Session

In our session, I’ll tell you what was cleared. It can be hard to hear someone tell you about yourself ~ especially positive things ~ so I encourage you to take notes on anything you hear. Pour yourself a cup of tea and we'll settle in for a lovely conversation. The time flies by, and you’ll feel a sense of peace ~ as you embrace an awareness or fresh perspective that was waiting for you to claim. Along with confidence to take the next step toward your future. Throughout the session we work together to shape strategies ~ practical and in alignment with your heart’s wisdom ~ to support you in taking your next steps ~ steps that are now clear and that you are ready for.

Post Session

You have a two week window to email me with questions about your reading. It’s a lot to take in and sometimes it’s helpful to re-visit something that you need to go a bit deeper with or need clarification with. Recording your session is also an option.

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