A Meditation ~ to ease fear
A Meditation to Ease Fear

On March 1st, I had the pleasure of speaking at Body Bliss Yoga Studio in Camus WA as part of the Ripple Wellness Sunday Meditation Series. I spoke about the importance of releasing fear, lessening our anxiety, and living with a heart-centered focus in times fraught with uncertainty and stress. Introducing an approach I call “vigilant presence” — essentially awakening to the present moment through being responsive as opposed to being reactive. I shared supportive suggestions and techniques including creating a meditation practice that brings you to a safe place in your mind that you can access any time, of listening to music that shifts your energy, creating a life that you love ~ that you don’t need to escape from, and viewing every action as a prayer.

To close our time together, I led the group in a guided meditation I’ve posted here.

​Relax, listen, and enjoy.

Photo by Dingzeyo Li

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